Fragrant Green Tea --- Forest Bounty

 Fragrant Green Tea, an exclusive "aroma-centric" creation from Shizuoka Prefecture, undergoes a unique process that distinguishes it from conventional sencha. The tea leaves esperience a gentle withering at low temperatures (withering), followed by a specfific period of tranquility before undergoing meticulous crafting, This results ina tea, free from added flavors, that exudes a fragrance reminiscent of flowers and fruits.

Enjoy a refreshing and invigorating taste, encapsulating the essence of a cool and crisp drinking experience.

 Perfect for moments of fatigue or as a refreshing pause during work, our light and flavorful tea has received accolades from our discerning customers.

 Sipping on our Fragrant Green Tea brings forth a crisp and invigorating sensation, reminiscent of a revitalizing forest ambiance. Staying true to this imagery, we've aptly named it 'Forest Bounty.'

 Complement it with delicate meringues, delectable cookies, or savory crackers infused with a subtle hint of salt. Enhance your tea experience with these exquite accompaniments.