Miyama Breeze (Miyama no Kaze)

 Presenting 'Sakimidori,' a tea variety cultivated on the hills of Enshu Morimachi.

This middle -steamed tea unveils a sophinticated aroma reminiscent of the invigorating breeze that graces the budding season.

Shoucasing a vibrant, translucent flavor with a meticulously balanced touch of astringency, our tea is an artful creation.

 In cultivation, we emphasize soil quality by 

elevating the compost ratio. The tea trees exceptional condition. Our dedication extends to the meticulous practice of 'Mirume Tsumi,' ensuring the buds are delicately plucked while still tender.

Through a collaborative effort between our store and producers, we are honored to have received the prestigious '2023 Shizuoka City SDGs Collaboration Award.'

This recognition stems from our innovative initiative, where we mitigate odor by intertating tea powder into compost.

 On the production front, we meticulously maintain a moderate steaming level, preserving the unique 'refined aroma' and 'fresh flavor' inherent in this tea variety. Additionally, we introduce a tasteful combination of a 'weighty aroma' and 'deep flavor.'  In the final processing stages, our emphasis on 'fire treatment without the addition of roasted fragrance' enhances the allure of this tea, resulting in a successful and delightful fruition.

 This exquisite tea has consistently earned recognition since the 2020 contest hosted by the 'Shizuoka Prefecture 100 Famous Teas Council,' an organization dedicated to selecting teas that embody the unique flavors of Shizuoka. Certified as one of the '100selection of Fujinokuni Mountain Tea,' it has received acclaim in the 2023edition for its high-quality attributes, boasting a well-ballanced combination of aroma, flavor, and richness.

 Elevate your tea experience by pairing it with intricately crafted sweets like Nerikiri and Joyo Manjyu. Immerse yourself in the blissful ambiance of our carefully curated tea time offerings.