Tokumushi Kanoh---Special Blend Deep-Steamed Tea

Experience the excellence of our signature blend tea, Tokumushi Kanoh ----an authentic embodiment of the Kano legacy that proudly bears the name of our store.

Expertly harvested in late April, this exquisite tea is meticulously crafted from tender new shoots, ensuring a tea-drinking experience that transcends ordinary blends. 

A flawless fusion of umami,  sweetness, and a vibrant aroma, resulting in a brilliant infusion that tantalizes the senses.

As you pour hot water, immerse yourself in the fragrance reminiscent of sun-drenched early summer tea leaves.

This delightful blend promises a refreshing and luxuriously rich flavor profile.

Tea, being an agricultural product, undergoes yearly variations in quality.

Nevertheless, our shop owner and expert artisans diligently evaluate each year's harvest, meticulously adjusting the blend ratio and refining the finishing touches of the raw tea. This dedication ensures the delivery of a consistantly high-quality tea, earning accolades such as 'This year's Tokumushi Kano is delicious as usual.'

 Ideal for gifting, we highly recommend this exceptional tea. 

When the craving for a delightful deep-steamed tea strikes, we invite you to experience and relish the distinctive qualities of this carefully crafted blend.