Premium Hojicha

 Indulge in our meticulously crafted Premium Hojicha, carefully processed from the first flush of deep-steamed tea, specially designed for roastingm and delicately roasted to perfection.

This unique blend presents a delightful harmony of sweet , light , and fragrant notes, providing a tea experience that is both soothing and invigorating, promoting well-being for the body.

 The distinction of  'Premium Hojicha' lies in our commitment to the quality of the greeen tea raw material and the precise adjustment of roasting intensity. The result is and exquisite creation that stands out among other offerings inthe market.

 Traditionally categorized as a type of green tea, Hojicha undergoes a dry-roasting process without any additives. This meticuous technique ensures it retains similar components to green tea, offering not just a delightful taste but also potential health benefits for the body.

 WHen thea undergoes roasting, it produces and aroma compound known as 'pyrazine,' imparting a relaxing effect. This roasting process also serves to alleviate the bittern ess and astringency of the tea while reducing its caffeine content.

Hojicha, with its myriad benefits, proves to be a versatile companion to various cuisines and an ideal beverage for mealtime. The mere conteplation of pairing this exquisite tea with delicious Japanese cuisine elevates the anticipation of a delightful dining experience.

 Moreover, Hojicha exhibits minimal discoloration or flavor alteration due to oxidation, making it a recommended choice for convenient portability in water bottles or thermoses.