Millennium ShizuokaTea-Traditional Tea-Grass Intergrated System(Chagusaba Nouhou)

Preserving the Future of Shizuoka Tea(Deep Steamed Tea, Light Steamed Tea, Japanese Black Tea)


Honoring the legacy of Shizuoka's tea, encompassing deep-steamed, light-steamed, and Japanese black tea.

Recipient of the prestigious Gold Award at the

'World Green Tea Contest 2021', organized by the World Green Tea Association.

Cultivated by practitioners of the "Shizuoka Traditional Tea-Grass Intergrated System (Chagusaba Nouhou)"  recognized by the FAO, this  tea undergoes meticulous refinement by our artisans, who  carry on the passion of the creators. Presented in high -quality tea sachets, each variety stands out as an unparalleled masterpiece. Discover  your preference or savor the joy of comparing all three options.

The back of the  packaging unveils the producer's narrative. Savoring the tea while envisioning the scenic tea fields adds pleasure to this experience. Consuming this tea might even evoke the desire to explore the actual tea fields.

Richly bestowed by nature, portraying the enchanting landscapes of the revered satoyama and preserving skill and  spirit, these elements constitute the treasures of Shizuoka and indeed the treasures of Japan. With the hope that children millennia from now will appreciate this tea , the "Shizuoka Millennium Tea" was conceived.



1.〈Light steamed TEA〉

Nestled in the elevated terrain of Kawanehoncho,

600 meters above sea level, our tea plantation boasts a serene environment where mountain mist graces the landscape.

We meticulously harvest sedges, protected from sika deer damage, and lay them in the tea fields with utmost care, as if tucking in the tea plants with a gentle touch. 

Crafted by our tea master, who tends to the leaves with daily devotion, this tea embodies a perfect harmony of flavor and aroma. The result is thoughtfully packaged into our tea bags, ensuring a premium experience for our valued  clients.

Immerse yourself in the richness of pure mountain air as you relish the pale color, delicate fragrance, and refreshing  taste of this tea. It's not just a tea; it's a refined moment of enjoyment - an experience that not only leaves an impression but also connects you with the pristine essence of mountain living.

2.〈Deep Steamed Tea〉

Indulge in the essence of tea from the eastern mountains of Kakegawa City, renowned as the birthplace of tea characters.

Since the late Edo period, a layer of tea grass has graced the spaces between rows of tea plants, now reaching an impressive depth of over 20cm.

This deep layer  enriched with nutrients and offering superior aeration, nurtures a premium soil environment teeming with beneficial microoraganisms.

Our tea leaves, cultivated in this fertile soil, undergo meticulous deep-steaming to create a masterpiece. This tea is not just a respite for the tired soul; it's a source of inspiration for a brighter day.  We present to you Shizuoka tea -a timeless experience that we invite you to cherish for the future.


3.〈Japanese Black Tea〉

Transport yourself to the Edo period with our Japanese Black Tea, cultivated in the vicinity of Kinuya Inn -an illustrious lodging during that era. As daimyo processions graced the area, local farmers paused their work in the tea fields to warmly welcome them. This tradition lives on, with farmers still harvesting and drying susuki grass, a practice that contributes to the lush soil nurturing our tea plants.

This timeless agridultural method results in tea fields and satoyama landscapes that are as visually enchanting as they are bountiful.

Our Japanese black tea, carefully crafted from these well-tended fields, offers a fragrant and sweet flavor, complemented by a clear ruby-red hue akin to a flawless ruby. The sweet aroma that fills your space serves as an aromatic indulgence, creating a sense of happiness. We encourage you to savor this tea straight for the most authentic and delightful experience.