Koshun of Suruga

 Discover the uniqueness of Suruga's Koshun, an exclusive variety born in Shizuoka Prefecture, renowned for its distinctively refreshing fragrance. The name 'Koshun was thoughtfully chosen to underscore its distinguished origin in Suruga.

 With an invigorating taste reminiscent of mint or peppermint, this tea becomes your morning vitality boost. Ideal for maintaining focus, combating desk fatigue, and creating a 'moment to enhance concentration.'

This exceptional tea complements both Japanese and Western-style fish dishes, and it adds a sophisticated touch to chocolate desserts.

For a refreshing twist, indulge in a 'cold brew' preparation during hot weather, delivering a delightful and revitalizing drinking experience.

 Another noteworthy characteristic of this tea variety is the distinct expression of individuality ㏌ both fragrance and flavor, exhibiting pronounced differences based on origin and producer.

 Koshun of Suruga distinguishes itself with its gentle and mild nature. The nuanced richness, accompanied by a softy refreshing sensation, authentically reflects the personality of the tea artisan(producer). We believe that this tea, with its delicate profile, holds appeal even for those who typically shy away from stronger teas. It is a tea we highly recommend experiencing at least once.

 Notably,  Koshun of Suruga was showcased at a tea tasting event organized by Shizuoka Prefecture in Paris, France, during 2023-2024. Embraced by the French audience, it was recognized as a 'new flavor of Japanese tea,' garnering widespread acclaim.