Seicha Kanoh Inc. is a distinguished tea emporium nestled in Shizuoka City.

The roots of our commitments to the art of tea trace back to the inception by our founder, Tatsuzo, over 130 years ago. The legacy continued with the establishment of our tea merchant enterprise by the second generation, Mosaburo, in 1948. Kanoh Mosaburo Shoutenn.

In 1964, under the visionary leadership of the third generation, Koichi, Kanoh Mosaburo Shouten underwent  organizational refinement. In 1991, marking a pivotal moment in our journey, the reins were passed to the current steward, Masahiko, the fourth inline, who rebranded the company as Seicha Kanoh Inc..

While our initial focus to encompass dedicated efforts in catering to discerning consumers . Today, Seicha Kanoh Inc stands as a testament to tradition, quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of tea.


Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the art of handling "distinct teas" crafted by small-scale growers in the picturesque Shizuoka Prefecture. When it comes to processing coarse tea, we eschew fully automated machines that prioritize efficiency. Instead, our seasoned artisans employ specialized machinery, ech demanding refined techniques such as "tukiburui"(pounding sieve), "mawashiburui"(rotary sieve), alongside innovative devices like wind -powered sorting machines, color sorting machines, and firing machines to meticulously refine our products.

Our paramount strength lies in our capability to process even small quantities of coarse tea, often in the range of a few kilograms. While accentuating the distinctive characteristics of the coarse tea meticulously crafted by the producers, we excel  in finely tailoring the prodexxing techniques ---sifting ,shaping, and firing ---to precisely align with the preferences of our customers. This precision is a hallmark of our establishment.

 In recent years, we have extended  our services to include the supply of finished tea directly from the producers through commissioned processing business. Additionally, our nitrogen filling, ensuring prolonged preservation, has garnered favorable reviews.

Our unwavering commitment is to consistently deliver delightful teas throughout the year. This commitment comes to life through the seamless fusion of our aftisans' finishing techniques and the owner's discernment, resulting in a blend technique that epitomizes their collective expertise.

 Drawing  a parallel between the tea business and an orchestra, picture the producers as soloists and the tea merchants as conductors. Much like a conductor expertly unites the shining individuality of a soloist (tea), our passion drives us to create the finest harmony in tea blends. 

 Over the years, we've had the privilege of receiving heartwarming feedback from our esteemed customers, such as; "It has to be Kano-san's tea", "I want to enjoy this tea for as long as I live" ,  and "I eagerly anticipate the arrival of new tea every year". We deeply cherish these expressions of satisfaction and consider them a tremendous honor.

 Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to our core values of "seriousness, dedication, tea artisan".  Our commitment is to enhance our efforts in the art of tea-making, ensuring that our customers continue to experience the excellence they have come to expect from us.